• Address: 716 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 710, Toronto, ON
Registration hotline: 647 609 6280


Children’s Classes (4-12)

Muay Thai is an exhilarating way for children to learn the fundamentals of self-defense, discipline, and respect – while having fun! Our classes, lead by Karlo Panugao, teach responsible self-defense and the basics of MMA in a way that’s digestible for young people. Your child’s enjoyment is a top priority, and our courses reflect that!

All Women’s Classes

When it comes to learning and practicing self-defense, your comfort is at the forefront of our minds. At CZ Muay Thai, we offer all women’s self-defense classes to those who feel more secure in that environment. Safety is our number one concern, and something that we’ll always go beyond the call of duty to achieve

Adult Beginner Classes

It’s never too late to discover the wonder that is Muay Thai! We’re happy to introduce our adult beginners into the world of MMA, and give them the tools necessary to achieve their goals, and get them excited about a high-intensity activity. Our adult beginners can expect to learn the fundamentals of MMA and self-defense, as well as proper technique.

MMA Advanced Training Class

There’s always room for improvement, and that’s precisely what you’ll find in our advanced MMA training classes: improvement. Our courses are lead by Roberto Santo, who boasts an impressive UFC career history and gives you the skills necessary for having a professional career in MMA or the UFC.